The Beginning

It all started with the long wait for the decision of Dwyane Wade to find out where he was going to take his talents to. This is where it began while waiting all the rumors started to float around that maybe just maybe we had a chance at landing Chris Bosh along side Wade…… Lebron was still a distant decision. When the news came that Wade had lured Bosh with him to Miami speculation started arousing from the bushes that Lebron was going to choose Miami because it was the team that offered the better chance at winning. So the wait started as we all watched different free agents sign and being traded around the NBA as for Lebron he was enjoying himself until the time came for his “DECISION”. Everyone sat around the T.V waiting anxiously for it to come but with all the commercials people started to become impatient, so we waited and waited until the time came and the question was asked….. ” lebron the question we’ve been waiting for, who will you be playing for the next couple of seasons?” As the crowd waitied and all the Clevland fans he said it ” I’ve decided to take my talents to South Beach” at that exact moment the hearts of Cavalier fans every where were devasted as the burning of Lebron jerseys all over started to occur and all the harsh things that were utterd about the “so called king”. But for all the Heat fans the beginning of a DYNASTY was just beggining. With Bosh, Lebron, and Wade all on one team they had accomplished what they came to do in the off season, which was bring back wade along with bringing him help that he desperatley needed and locking up hopefully Championships for the future to come. The DYNASTY STARTS NOW!!


Strange Similarities

Ever since the 2007-08 seasons for both the Heat and the Dolphins (in which both posted the worst record in its own team history), both teams began a progressing, but strangely very similar uphill path together. After the league-worst records by both, Pat Riley became solely the Heat Team President, while the Dolphins brought in Bill Parcells as their own Vice President of Football Operations (the translated positions from each sport are nearly identical). Both teams could now boast one of the leagues best front offices, respectively, with both Riley and Parcells being proven “team builders.” Also, with the new front offices, the team’s brought in new Head Coaches; Erik Spoelstra for the Heat and Tony Sporano for the ‘Phins. Spoelstra is a long-time understudy of Riley’s, and the same with Sporano under Parcells.

In the following season(s), both clubs shocked many by becoming playoff teams one year after being the worst in the league. But, both also exited the playoffs in disappointing fashion in only the first round. After the second season with the teams’ new coaches, the clubs have a newfound optimism toward the upcoming season after both added great new talent. In my opinion, the new talent is extremely similar. The Dolphins made a splash on the opening day of free agency by grabbing underrated linebacker Karlos Dansby; he may be the best player to have never made a Pro Bowl. The Heat also created buzz by bringing in Chris Bosh, a 5-time All Star that some still don’t believe has cemented his status as a true NBA ‘Superstar,’ but in my eyes, he’s easily one of the top three power forwards in the game, and that just screams ‘Superstar.’ These two are both underrated stars who haven’t been completely founded based on where they have played their careers so far, Toronto, Canada for Bosh and Arizona for Dansby (both poor fan bases).

Then the Dolphins brought in arguably the NFL’s best wide receiver in Brandon Marshall. He’s young, big, and powerful. That move could possibly create the biggest difference of any move this upcoming NFL season. Another groundbreaking move made in Miami that will definitely alter the outcome of the NBA season, the Heat persuaded LeBron James, the reigning two-time NBA MVP, to join the Heat. Yes, the second-coming of Michael Jordan himself has joined forces in Miami with Chris Bosh and longtime Heat star Dwyane Wade. So, in a nutshell, the single best player in the game of basketball, “Mr. Everything,” LeBron James and “The Diva,” and possibly the best receiver in the game right now in Marshall have both entered the Miami atmosphere with plenty of spotlight.

Both teams look to have a much upgraded season this year after making two huge moves, bringing in more of an underrated star along with one of the most recognized talents in the world to go along with their already talented core.

The Phorgotten Fins

Brandon Marshall is sure to help the Dolphins offense from every aspect.

Throughout this whole summer, the Miami Heat have stolen the thunder from South Florida’s original favorite team, the Miami Dolphins. After the ‘Phins made a huge splash by bringing in Brandon Marshall, Miami was gleaming with excitement and expectations for next season. But since then, almost every South Florida sports blog/article hasn’t been about the thrill that the Dolphins season will bring, but rather the season that begins halfway through their season, the Miami Heat’s season. The Heat do bring an amazing amount of thrill to Miami fans, but this is still Dolphin-town… At least until the Heat become the dynasty that they’re supposed to be. As of right now, I’d say that the Heat have just reached the echelon that the ‘Phins have been perched on for the last 40 years or so in the hearts of South Floridians.

Anyway, as excited as I am about the Heat’s offseason splurge, I am still not overlooking the Dolphins season. I fully expect them to win the division and make it through (at least) the first round of the playoffs. I would say Super Bowl, but nobody can really say they “expect” their team to be in the Super Bowl based on how hard it is to get there and how easy it is to get knocked out. With the additions this offseason has brought on to the Dolphins, like Marshall and Karlos Dansby, the Dolphins are looking like a real contender.

The Jets, on the other hand, look more like pretenders to me. By adding ‘me-first’ guys like Braylon Edwards last season and Antonio Cromartie recently, it’s only a matter of time before the team implodes. Their willingness to bring on older contributors like Jason Taylor shows that they’re mortgaging their future for the win-now hope, but I still see the ‘Phins as the better team because they did sweep the Jets last season and I firmly believe they upgraded more than the Jets did, too.

To Finish Up Roster, Look to the Summer Squad

Guard Kenny Hasbrouck

It’s common knowledge to any true Heat fan at this point that the Heat currently have two more roster spots available to fill after their earlier spending spree with either projects for the future or contributors for the “right now.” Most people have pointed out that the Heat need another shooter and perimeter defender to feel confident with their full rotation.

After simple research, I’ve come to the conclusion that the team should bring on at least one player from their recently finished summer league team and possibly another veteran. That team consisted of 2009 draftee Patick Beverley, 2009 undrafted free agent Kenny Hasbrouck, Duke standout Jon Scheyer, and 2010 Heat draftee Jarvis Varnado. Beverley is known for his perimeter defense. Hasbrouck can shoot, handle the ball, and play either the point or shooting guard. Scheyer would strictly be a shooter on any NBA team. Varnado, the NCAA’s record holder for career blocks, is the biggest longshot to make the team only due to the fact that the team already has a solid 7-man big man rotation.

The two best veteran names, in my opinion, for the team are two former Heat guards, Jason Williams and Eddie House. Current Heat players Dwyane Wade and Mike Miller have both voiced a desire to play with Jason Williams running the point, but he would likely be the backup behind Mario Chalmers. Also, Eddie House seems to be the perfect fit as a shooter that can come off the bench and keep a red-hot offense going with his treys.

In summation, I believe Hasbrouck has to be a lock because he can stroke the three ball and play as a combo guard, which is very valuable to a team that doesnt necessarily need a true point guard. Plus he’s extremely young and raw so the Heat can continue to mold him into the kind of player they need. Beverley is also an intriguing option because he is an improving shooter and already a solid perimeter defender at the point guard position. Basically, any two of the four (Williams, House, Beverley, Hasbrouck) would be great additions because of the skills they would bring to the team.